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Catalog Extension Library.

Check out our library of browser-based extensions that allow you to add exactly the catalog capability needed to maximize your productivity.

Standard Brower Extensions

Each uses standard Chrome extension and Alation APIs

Google Chrome Store Approved

Google approved safe & compliant with Chrome extension security standards

User Flexibility & Choice

User can choose to only add functionality that improves their experience

No Risk, Try & Buy

7-day trial period for each extension, no credit card required

Click to Browse and Download from the Chrome Web Store

Easy Print Articles

One-click ability to convert any article to a downloaded PDF that is ready for sharing and printing.  It also includes the option to include all article properties.   


Term Underliner

Dynamic recognition and underlining of any glossary term in all web applications.  Allows hovering for a short description and click through to the catalog term page.


Term Adder

Simple highlighting of any term in any web application to add it to a catalog glossary.

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