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How does an AI Data Assistant help?


Low barrier to adoption using a chatbot interface with no learning curve


Full access and knowledge of all the Alation catalog's enterprise specific data content


Viral capabilities that are safe and secure with no public sharing of enterprise IP


Easily extensible with enterprise specific data literacy, access, business specific content

What is an Alation AI Data Assistant?

Screen Shot 2024-02-11 at 4.03.18 PM.png

Alation RAG Pack

A pre-built Alation API-based retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) extraction capability is deployed in Azure.  It continuously extracts, composes, and supplies catalog content as narrative language that can be used by the AI Data Assistant.

Microsoft AI Studio & Azure Services

The heart of the AI Data Assistant is created using Microsoft's AI Studio tooling and its associated Azure storage and search capabilities.

Chatbot created as a Microsoft Power App

The AI Data Assistant is created using Microsoft's Power App low-code tools and deployed into a customer's existing Microsoft Office365 environment.

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