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AI Assistant Creation & Deployment

Prentice Gate is a leader in the use of generative AI for the growth of enterprise data culture.  These engagements focus on delivering chatbots backed by an understanding of enterprise data assets, processes, roles, and policies.  These chatbots combine best practices and can be virally adopted with zero learning curve.

Prentice Gate accelerates these engagement and deployments using its unique set of Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) Packs which have been preconfigured to extract metadata from specific platforms and feed it to the chatbot.

Data Program Strategy & Architecture

Being a data leader is one of the most challenging and potentially rewarding roles today.  The average tenure of a Chief Data Officer is less than 24 months largely because they inherit a legacy organization and technology that is daunting to navigate.  Worse yet, most are new to their role and are faced with a blinding pace of market innovation and change. 


Prentice Gate can serve as a trusted partner and independent advisor, helping leaders chart a successful course.  This is especially critical in the first weeks and months of a new role when there is an opportunity to establish priorities that differentiate from previous leaders and inspire confidence.   

Catalog Adoption

Data catalogs & internal marketplaces have the potential to fuel a data-driven culture as the centerpiece of a data leader's strategy.  Their key challenge is achieving robust adoption. 


Prentice Gate has unique expertise and experience with catalog design, planning, and adoption.  Its founder is the author of Alation's best practice book of knowledge and a mentor to dozens of leaders who were trying to discover the right 'formula' for their organization.   


Prentice Gate has now defined a repeatable three-stage process to help clients chart a course to higher levels of adoption.  The stages are:  

Data Governance

The founder of Prentice Gate helped Collibra break into the governance market in the United States and defined the Active Data Governance implementation approach while at Alation.  Now, Prentice Gate is pushing on to help clients with the move to the next generation of autonomous governance. supporting data products, data mesh, analytic models, and decentralized governance processes.

Prentice Gate's focus is balancing the need for regulatory compliance and risk mitigation with the need for business agility and growth.

Prentice Gate's governance philosophy is to incrementally deliver value to internal data consumers while increasingly automating governance processes in a way that is non-invasive, and non-blocking yet maintains the required enforcement of policies.

A typical governance engagement with Prentice Gate begins with an existing program review, followed by key recommendations, then planning assistance.


The data catalogs are a vital system of reference at the center of an enterprise's data landscape and culture.  As such they must do two things:

  1. Integrate with other 'satellite' tools in order to sync their metadata
  2. Work at scale by automating as many manual processes as possible


The founder of Prentice Gate created Alation's bot

implementation pattern for scaling policy automation and has now generalized the approach for use by a wide variety of platforms. 


Policy bot automation uses active monitoring and policy rule evaluation to close the gap between policy aspirations and enforcement.

Specialized Advisory Services

Engagement Model

Prentice Gate is available to provide expert guidance on a wide variety of data-related topics including:

  • Organizational structure and roles

  • Data product marketplaces

  • Data literary and culture programs

  • Data quality strategy and implementation

Prentice Gate used both a typical project engagement model for AI Assistant creation and a flexible retainer model for client advisory. 


The retainer contract defines the hours per week and the duration of the contract.  There is no minimum number of hours per week.

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