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Implementation Packages

We offer predefined AI Assistant implementation packages that take the effort out of defining scope and understanding how to progress from proving initial value through full-blown deployment. 

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Bronze Engagement

  • You supply a list of basic content including term definitions, role descriptions, reports lists, and data dictionaries as files.

  • We configure a LLM and chatbot interface and add best practices such as industry metrics definitions, and governance policies.

  • The result is a working AI Assistant that can be used to demonstrate its value internally.  It's an initial investment that breaks the ice and gets your organization started and on the path.


Prentice Gate Experts: 1


Silver Engagement

  • We provide you with a list and you supply lots of documents related to your data architecture, data lakes, data warehouses, data quality, governance, BI standards, domains, and much more.

  • We connect to your data catalog or another source of metadata and also add best-practice content.

  • We configure the LLM with a Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) consumption pattern that you can repeat.

  • We iteratively tweak prompts to dial-in accurate responses.

Duration: 2-Months

Prentice Gate Experts: 1.5

Running a Marathon

Gold Engagement

  • We work together to collect and ingest a broad array of data assets, analytics, literacy, and best practice content through a LLM Retrieval Augmentation Generation (RAG) model.

  • The source of this content is document, data catalogs, ticketing systems, training materials, and more.

  • Extensive prompt engineering and design is performed to optimize the accuracy of the AI Assistant response. 

Duration: 3-Months

Prentice Gate Experts: 2

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