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July 20, 2023


Data Industry Veteran Releases Book on Autonomous Governance


Townsend, TN - July 20, 2023 - John Wills, industry expert and founder of Prentice Gate Advisors announces the publication of his groundbreaking book, "The Goal is Autonomous Governance: Moving Data Governance into the Modern Age." This highly anticipated book presents a revolutionary approach to data governance, emphasizing a new man/machine data governance partnership at the center of a dynamic enterprise data culture.


In today's data-driven landscape, organizations face numerous challenges in effectively managing and governing their data. Traditional data governance practices often rely on manual processes, leading to inefficiencies, inconsistencies, and increased risk. Acknowledging the need for a paradigm shift, John Wills has authored "The Goal is Autonomous Governance" to a new ‘north star’ vision for the future of data governance.


The book delves deep into the concept of autonomous governance, focusing on its central premise that policy-based rules should drive data governance. By implementing these rules, organizations can empower machines to automate critical aspects of data governance, resulting in improved efficiency, accuracy, and compliance. "The Goal is Autonomous Governance" introduces the key characteristics of this new approach and provides practical guidance for getting started.


"In this era of rapidly evolving technology, data is the lifeblood of organizations, and effective governance is paramount," says John Wills. "With 'The Goal is Autonomous Governance,' I challenge traditional data governance norms and empower organizations to leverage automation for superior data management, security, and compliance. This book is a roadmap for organizations seeking to propel their data governance practices into the modern age."


Key topics covered in the book include:


- Understanding the balance between human control and machine autonomy

- Why active data governance is no longer the standard

- Policy and contract-focused intelligence

- Role of governance as part of a data culture

- Alignment between enterprise risk and data governance 


"The Goal is Autonomous Governance" is an essential read for data leaders striving to unlock the full potential of their organization's data assets. This book provides actionable insights and strategies that will shape the future of data governance practices.


To celebrate the release of "The Goal is Autonomous Governance," John Wills will be hosting a book launch webinar on July 26th. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear directly from the author, engage with the author, and gain exclusive insights from the book.


"The Goal is Autonomous Governance: Moving Data Governance into the Modern Age" is available now on For more information about the book and the upcoming book launch webinar, please visit the Prentice Gate Advisors website at


About Prentice Gate Advisors:

Prentice Gate Advisors is a leading enterprise data advisory consulting firm specializing in data governance, strategy, architecture, and analytics.




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