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Office Job

AI Assistant Creation for Data & Analytic Leaders

We specialize in the rapid deployment of chat-centric AI assistants that focus on developing a high-growth data & analytics enterprise culture. 

Knowledge at Everyone's Fingertips

With zero learning curve and viral appeal, AI assistants are the modern, high-productivity approach for sharing, learning, and using enterprise data assets.

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Growing a Data Culture and Your Career

C-suite executives are demanding analytics be used to optimize business growth and competitiveness. In response, forward-thinking data leaders are deploying AI assistants at the center of the corporate culture.

Learn About AI Assistant Viability and Process  


Use What Already Exists

Leverage existing documents, reports, data catalogs, data quality, policies, procedures, etc., keeping the investment low and the value high.


Protect Intellectual Property

Use Microsoft's best-of-breed AI services backed by their ironclad commitment to enterprise IP security and no co-mingling of data with any public domain large language models.


Drive Incremental Value

Produce rapid and incremental value using a small team that justifies further investment. 

Prentice Gate Makes AI Implementation Practical 

Your AI Advisor, Architect, and Implementer

Originators of the AI Data Assistant Category

"Prentice Gate has been a great decision for us.  They get more done with fewer people, in much less time than I've ever seen with larger consultancies. 

They also have a depth of expertise that I don't believe exists anywhere else."
- Data & Analytic Leader, National Retailer

Prentice Gate's principals have been working on automation and advancing autonomous analytics and governance in the years preceding the breakout of generative AI.  They were the first to recognize the potential for combining that work with enterprise-class Microsoft large language model tooling to create the AI Data Assistants.

Deep Data Expertise

Prentice Gate principals and consultants are not rookies.  Each has a minimum of 30 years of experience, specifically in enterprise data and analytics.  This includes deep expertise in data governance, master/reference data, data integration, learning & development, machine learning, and data cataloging.  There is no other, more knowledgeable or experienced team.

Intellectual Property & Engagement Accelerators

Prentice Gate has applied its experience to the creation of a unique inventory of prebuilt automated components, including the intelligence built into RAG Packs and Microsoft technologies.  The use of these 'off-the-shelf' capabilities dramatically reduces implementation time and cost for customers.

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