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Book Launch Webinar

The response to the release of 'The Goal is Autonomous Governance' has been so strong that I am following it up with a webinar to answer frequently asked questions fired at me by Chris Johnson, known for his work with Alation and Better Data Advisors.

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Book Launch Webinar
Book Launch Webinar

Time & Location

Aug 02, 2023, 2:00 PM – 2:50 PM EDT


About the event

The book is aimed at data leaders, but anyone with an interest in data governance is welcome.  We will use a discussion format and cover questions such as:

  • How is autonomous governance different from traditional and active governance?
  • Why do we need it and what can it provide?
  • How is autonomous governance related to generative AI?
  • Is it possible to get started with autonomous governance today?  If so, how?

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